Real Estate Text Message Marketing

Real Estate prospects are some of the most time sensitive. Engage with them immediately through the channel they are most likely to read: Text Messaging. Whether you are a broker, realtor or investor, you can use SMS/MMS blasts to increase revenue. In an industry where time is everything, SMS is the fastest marketing channel available.

Why Use Text Marketing for Real Estate Professionals

Being proactive can be the difference between getting a sale or not. Waiting around for the buyer to read your email can mean the difference between getting a sale and not. You also don’t want to appear too pushy to prospective clients by calling all the time. That’s where text message marketing comes in. Reach your prospects when they’re most engaged: SMS messages have an open rate of 98%!

New Property Listings

Get ahead of your competition by directly texting your prospects with new property listings. Set up a call and viewing with our online two way texting feature.

Boost Revenue

Sending just one mass text a month to your prospects can boost your revenue significantly.

Create an Autoresponder for Online Leads

49% of your online leads expect a response immediately. Automatically contact leads and text them to set up a call or give them more information.

Show New Listings to Subscribers

Emails are notoriously easy to miss in the bulk of emails people receive on a daily basis. In contrast, 82% of SMS messages are read within five minutes of being received. Don’t get lost in the email clutter, with low click-through and even lower response rates. Text messages are the future for marketing for everyone from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies.

Set Viewing Times and Correspond With Your Clients

Use our convenient two way texting and inbox feature to keep conversations going with your customers. After you send out your promotional material, you can answer questions directly from your inbox. And the best part is, incoming texts are completely free! 

The Future of Marketing is in SMS and Direct Contact

Don’t get lost in cluttered email inboxes. Reach your prospects where they’re most likely to engage with your marketing material: SMS.

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